Honda Amaze Matrix DRL Custom Headlights


Honda Amaze Matrix DRL Custom Headlights

Rs.30,000.00 Rs.25,500.00

Specification :

  • Projector Used : HC5 Bi-xenon projector
  • D.R.L Used : Crystal Matrix
  • Xenon kit Used : D2S / H1 55 watts digital Canbus
  • Headlamps used : OEM

  Working Video: Click Here .FUNCTION:

  • Parking Mode: Daytime Running Lights + Projector Ring turns ON (White)
  • Indicator Mode: Rings & Sequential Daytime Running Lights turns to Orange Color and switch back to White once the Indicator is OFF.
  • Headlight Mode: Bi-Xenon
  • Headlight High/Low Beam: There is Shutter inside the Projector which works UP/DOWN


  • 2 X HC XENON HID Projector Headlights (Right + Left) NOTE: THESE ARE COMPLETE HEADLIGHT UNITS.
  • 2 X 55Watt XENON HID Bulb in Projector.
  • 2 X 55 Watt Digital AC Waterproof Ballast.
  • Waterproof Headlight Controller Wiring with Relay and Connectors.

Installation Manual.

  • Free Doorstep Delivery.
  • 1 Year Complete Warranty for all Components.


  • These Headlights are replacement of Company Fitted Headlights.
  • Same Genuine Fitting. Same Headlight Placement as per Original Fitting.
  • Remove your Existing Headlights and Install XENON HID Projector Headlights.
  • Attachment to same Socket, Quick and Easy Installation.
  • Just Plug & Play, No Alteration to Car, No Wire Cutting.
  • May require Local electrician support for Installation.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Question:Will there be Moisture, Water Leakage or Dust after installation ? Answer:Not at all. Hybrid Projector Headlights are properly Sealed and Tested before dispatch. Moreover we Provide lifetime warranty on leakage and moisture. Question:Is the Car Warranty Void after Installation ? Answer:Since there is no Wire Cutting in the Car, so the Car Warranty remains valid & is not Cancelled. Question:Will there be any modification to Car Chassis ? Answer:There is no need of any Modification to Car Chassis. Fitting of Hybrid Projector Headlights is same as Factory Fitted Headlights. Exact Same Placement. Question:Are these Lights Legal on Road ? Answer:Our Xenon HID Kits are approved by ARAI and are totally Legal on Road. Question:Are the parts like HID Bulb, Ballast etc. available after the period of 1 year warranty ? Answer:Yes, since we believe in making a Long Team Relation with our Clients, so we do provide all spare parts of Projector Headlights at a very nominal price.  


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