Toyota Corolla Altis Projector Matrix Headlamps


Toyota Corolla Altis Projector Matrix Headlamps

Rs.56,000.00 Rs.51,500.00

Specification : Projector Used : HC5 Bi-xenon projector D.R.L Used :Crystal Matrix Xenon kit Used : D2S / H1 55 watts digital Canbus Headlamps used :OEM

FUNCTION: Parking Mode: Daytime Running Lights + Projector Ring turns ON (White) Indicator Mode: Rings & Sequential Daytime Running Lights turns to Orange Color and switch back to White once the Indicator is OFF. Headlight Mode: Bi-Xenon Headlight High/Low Beam: There is Shutter inside the Projector which works UP/DOWN

PRICE & PACKAGE INCLUDES: -2 X HC XENON HID Projector Headlights (Right + Left) NOTE: THESE ARE COMPLETE HEADLIGHT UNITS. -2 X 55 Watt XENON HID Bulb in Projector. -2 X 55 Watt Digital AC Waterproof Ballast. -Waterproof Headlight Controller Wiring with Relay and Connectors. Installation Manual. Free Doorstep Delivery. 1 Year Complete Warranty for all Components. INSTALLATION:These Headlights are replacement of Company Fitted Headlights. Same Genuine Fitting. Same Headlight Placement as per Original Fitting. Remove your Existing Headlights and Install XENON HID Projector Headlights. Attachment to same Socket, Quick and Easy Installation. Just Plug & Play, No Alteration to Car, No Wire Cutting. May require Local electrition support for Installation.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Question: Will there be Moisture, Water Leakage or Dust after installation ? Answer:Not at all. Hybrid Projector Headlights are properly Sealed and Tested before dispatch. Moreover we Provide lifetime warranty on leakage and moisture. Question :Is the Car Warranty Void after Installation ? Answer:Since there is no Wire Cutting in the Car, so the Car Warranty remains valid & is not Cancelled. Question :Will there be any modification to Car Chassis ? Answer:There is no need of any Modification to Car Chassis. Fitting of Hybrid Projector Headlights is same as Factory Fitted Headlights. Exact Same Placement. Question :Are these Lights Legal on Road ? Answer:Our Xenon HID Kits are approved by ARAI and are totally Legal on Road.


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